Since the beginning of the drone era, where it became so much easier to take in lines, feed up a spot, or take awesome footage over the water, one of the most dreadful fears for every drone owner was to lose it in the water. Well, we have now had an opportunity to do a review on a drone claiming to solve this problem.
The SwellPro Splash Drone 3 series is a unique set of drones, namely they are all waterproof (not just water resistant) which of course makes them ideal for both fresh and saltwater angling.
There are three models available with varying specs for different requirements. Each drone is supplied in a handy carrying case to keep all parts neatly stored and safe during travels. The drones boast and impressive flight time of 18 minutes and the batteries are easily changed out making it simple to extend flight times with multiple battery packs. The controller is also weather sealed (not waterproof, not submerge able – but usable in rain) and comes with a flip-up screen that is bright enough to be visible in bright sun light. The screen shows you all your important flight data, including battery life and GPS signal strength. On the controller is also a very handy ‘return to home’ switch that returns the drone automatically to the last place the motors were started up. This function is also incredibly accurate, returning the drone to just 30cm from the spot from where we took off. What the most impressive feature
of the SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Series in our opinion is however, in particular from an angler’s perspective, is their waterproofing. They are indeed fully waterproof, and can even take off from the water surface. After landing in water the motors turn off automatically, so preventing the drone from pulling itself under should it tumble upside down. Simply restart the motors and take off. The Fisherman PL3 is the best of both worlds with the line release mechanism as well as a stabilized 4K camera to capture amazing footage while you fish. The software for this model also includes the ‘follow me’ function that enables the drone to track your movements (the Auto model also has this function). With a 1kg payload capacity this drone is capable of taking a good amount of bait right where you need it to be. Quick release props lock into place ensuring there is no chance of them coming off during a water landing. Props and motors are marked making it easy to align the correct prop with the correct motor. The Splash Drone 3 auto is more aimed at photographers and cinematographers. It features a high quality 4K camera with an adjustable gimbal for stable footage.
This camera is also waterproof making it great for basic sub-surface filming. A line release mechanism can be bought separately. The release mechanism and camera are all made from high quality machined aluminium parts. In conclusion the drone and its features were found to be impressive, especially its peformance during the multiple water landings that were carried out. The battery compartment was regularly checked after each flight and found to be stone dry. This is attributed to the seal and closing mechanism. The ease of operation was also impressive and the fail-safe mechanisms really make it idiot proof. For example if the GPS is not calibrated correctly it will not release the start. If the battery is not strong enough, it gives warnings. So, rest assured, you can use this drone with confidence and need not have any worries about losing it in the water – you might have to swim to retrieve it, but you won’t lose it!

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