Like its predecessor the Raging Bull 2 which a few years back set new standards on the rod market, being lighter, stronger & better built. Making it the best professional  distance carp rod with over 6000 rods being sold.

Development on the new rod began over 2 year back with every detail carefully scrutinized and improved upon. The result is an average of 50g weight loss, new titanium guides,100% carbon machined reel seat that is stronger and lighter and the previous aluminium version, a redesigned tip action for improved fish playing and casting consistency. The lightest carp rod in its category internationally. The rod has new specially developed low friction guide inserts which are heat resistant resulting in improved casting distance.



Waft raging bull evolution


13’6 3.77tc Distance Heavy 70-150g 2 Distance carp medium to heavy weights
13’ 3.5tc Medium 55-130g 2 Medium weight casting
12’6 3.77tc Distance heavy 70-150g 2 Distance carp medium to heavy weights
12’ 3.5tc Medium 55-130g 2 Medium weight casting
10’6 3.25tc Medium 35-90g 2 Medium weight casting
10’ 3.00tc Light 30-75g 2 Close range tempo


  • 1k full carbon wrapping.
  • Neoprene rod bag included .
  • 1 pc action
  • Machined carbon reel seat






*Micro-tech armored carbon fiber
new breakthroughs are consistently occurring in the carbon composite world, whether it be for science ,automotive or aerospace,our passion driven development teamare first in line to study the possibilities and apply them to fishing rods,achieving  the most advanced carbon composition we have developed ,consisting of micro-fibers build into the core of the fiber structuresof the blank combined with waft exclusive exotic materials resulting in the lightest most sensitive rods we have ever developed.


one of the most important factor to consider when buying a new rod is sensitivity as the case with what most top anglers would tell you ,if you can’t detect the bite chances are low of you hooking your fish whether it be far salt or fresh water angling ,and for this reason optic-sense  A new sensitivity system was developed. set to make the Waft  the most sensitive high performance rods on the market incorporating micro strens that acts as veins to take bite detection to new unequaled heights .

*Weight Management System.
Derived from our surf rod technology, this results in the rods action changing when using a variety of weights, lures etc. causing different parts of the blank to work to suite a required casting weight. Other benefits of this system are more accurate close and
long range casting.

*Precision Balance Blank.
All waft blanks are perfectly balanced from the tip to butt section for improved feel, casting distance and accuracy ,besides work on the blank itself balancing of component weight ,reel seat and guide placing.

*Light Weight Construction.

Unlike other manufacturers waft does not reduce blank diameter to reduce weight, which results in compromised action and strength, Weight is kept to a minimum by combining the best quality components and raw materials available amongst other trade secrets.

*Compression Retention System.
A unique curing process to retain blank compression in the manufacturing process which benefits in countless advantages, compromising of extended rod life ,action retention over long periods of time ,compressed blank wall thickness boosting overall strength and performance.

*Low Friction Guides

Attention to detail is one of the fundamental properties of our company from the look and feel of the rod to the way line flows through the guides, after testing a variety of guide insert materials we formulated a low friction insert which results in improved line flow with a low friction surface coating .



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